Sunday, September 27, 2009

BerkeleyDB for Java on Android

After having tried a couple of databases on Android I thought it would be nice to add another one to the bunch. So after a little searching I found BerkeleyDB for Java, downloaded it and tried to run it on the Android emulator. To get it to work with Android there are some instruction in a HowToAndroid.hmtl file that's bundled with the documentation. It describes the required modifications that are needed to do to the source in order to get it to work. There are a couple of folders that need to be deleted and some extra java files that need to be created, but all-in-all it's quite manageable. After doing the required modification to the source of BerkeleyDB I tried to run a sample small sample that I had for BerkeleyDB and ended up with this exception: " (JE 3.3.87) /data/je/je.lck". I concluded that this had to do with BerkeleyDB's need for a folder to store it's enviroment(database files, logs). BerkeleyDB requires you to create this folder, or else you will need end up with the lovely exception above. In the how to there is some instructions on how to create the environment( folders ) for BerkeleyDB, "adb shell mkdir /data/je" and removal of the folder by "adb shell rm /data/je/*". This is a bit quirky, and leaves you with the responsibility of cleaning after you application, as the folder is directly placed in the data folder and not in the "home" folder of your application. So I'd recommend using the Activity.getDir("folderName", 0) or something similar to create the directory for BerkeleyDB, so that it will be cleaned up when the application is removed. So sum it all up I got it up and running and in a couple of days I'll post some results from the benchmark.

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